Friday, February 24, 2017

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Retreats & Workshops

Early Bird Yoga - 10 week Autumn session
Jan 25 to Mar 29, 2017

Candlelight Restorative Yoga - Refresh and Renew - March/April Session - 3 weeks
Mar 23 to Apr 6, 2017

Earth Hour Candlelight Yoga Class Fundraiser for WWF
Mar 25, 2017


We will be CLOSED March 2 - 13th

Candlelight Flow Yoga - NEW class on Wednesday nights

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New Student Special!!! 30 days for $55 (includes HST)
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Rebecca is our Yogini of the Month
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Rufus' 15th Anniversary Fundraiser for The Toronto Humane Society
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About The Big Stretch

strengthen your body, nurture your soul and lift your spirit

A small, intimate yoga centre that opened its doors in 1999, The Big Stretch is a warm, welcoming space that offers hatha yoga classes to all age groups. With candles and music, and a small group of instructors, classes are tailored to the dynamics of the group attending. Instructors focus on each student and his or her needs, challenges or injuries. The Big Stretch also offers corporate yoga, workshops and yoga retreats.

Hatha yoga is a gentle, yet effective yoga practice that enhances your health and well-being. The simple breathing, stretching and muscle relaxation techniques relieve various symptoms of stress, including tension headaches, fatigue, anxiety,
back-pain, depression and insomnia.

In our classes, we slow down from our hectic schedules, allowing the breath to flow through the postures. Create balance by uniting opposites - effort and grace, stability and fluidity, strength and softness. Rather than just exercising, we can begin to connect the breath with body and mind, directing our attention inward.

Mats, blankets, bolsters, blocks, straps, zafus and eye pillows are provided for your support, comfort and convenience. Inspiring music and candles, warm, earthy hardwood floors, large windows and soothing blue walls create a gentle and relaxing atmosphere.

"Omg. I almost touched my toes. Awesome!" ~ Trevor D.

" I find that yoga gives me energy and mental stability and is a great way to let go. I love the energy and sense of community in the yoga class. As well, I like the fact that I can take some time for me." ~ Jesse Bigelow

"Thank you for a wonderful winter journey." ~ Dee Tung